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Gift Shop Museum Gift Shop    Open June 3 through Labor Day Cornish Pumping Engine & Mining Museum    Hours:  9 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday 300 Kent Street                 Noon - 4 pm Sunday Iron Mountain, MI 49801 E-mail:    Admission Rates: Click here Mailing address: Gift Shop, Menominee Range Historical Foundation PO Box 237 Iron Mountain, MI 49801 The Menominee Range Gift Shop, located at the Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum, features publications on the area and the Upper Peninsula, as well as glider license plates, glider T-shirts, glider sweatshirts, glider hats and a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs. Michigan's Mining & Lumbering: Recently rediscovered by local historians, this fascinating 18-minute, black-and-white VHS video tape mostly contains information regarding lumbering in the Upper Peninsula.  You'll see forestry machinery you never knew existed!  There is a brief amount of footage showing glider production in the Ford Motor Company's plant at Kingsford.  This video is a production of the Ford Motor Company with an introduction by Robert Kreipke, Corporate Historian.  The VHS is not narrated, but there is background music. - CLOSE-OUT PRICE - $3.00 Mama's Italian Cuisine Cookbook:  Published in 2005 by the Friends of the Museum, this cookbook includes 300 recipes from local Italian cooks.  Many of these recipes were translated from recipes by Italian housewives especially for this book.  This is the Real Thing, folks! - $8.00 Dickinson County, Michigan:  From Earliest Times Through the Twenties:  Published to commemorate Dickinson County's centennial in 1991 by the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners, this 432-page hardbound volume was written and edited by William J. Cummings, local historian.  Verbatim contemporary accounts, primarily from period newspapers, tell the story of each decade from the 1870's to the 1920's, illustrated by many historic, captioned photographs.  Information from the smallest to the largest settlements is included.  Family histories and photographs containing information on the original Dickinson County settlers and their children, submitted by family members and edited by local genealogist Hazel Dault, are included in this volume.  In addition there is a listing of iron mines, including location, dates of opening and closing and shipping records, as well as detailed business listings for all settlements in Dickinson County as found in Polk's Michigan State Gazetteer & Business Directory from 1879 through 1928. -  $30.00 (limited copies remain) Born From Iron:  Iron Mountain, Michigan 1879-1979:  Published to commemorate Iron Mountain's centennial by the Iron Mountain Centennial Committee, this 258-page hardbound volume was researched and compiled by Mary Louise Dulan and designed and edited by William J. Cummings.  The book contains many historic, captioned photographs, family histories, information on ethnic groups who settled in Iron Mountain and much more. - $20.00 (limited copies remain). Iron Mountain's Cornish Pumping Engine and the Mines It Dewatered:  This professionally printed 40-page paperbound booklet, compiled and written by William J. Cummings in 1984, contains many historic, captioned photographs and information on the discovery and early development of the Menominee Iron Range, the discovery and development of the Chapin Mine, the installation of the Cornish Pumping Engine and pumps at D shaft of the Chapin Mine and later C Ludington shaft of the Chapin Mine, the discovery and early development of the Ludington and Hamilton Mines and more.  - $9.00 The Dickinson County Courthouse & Jail:  This 65-page booklet, compiled by William J. Cummings in 1988, covers the erection of the Dickinson County Courthouse & Jail, a state historic site.  A detailed history of the establishment of Dickinson County, the last county established in Michigan, is also included. - $2.00 The Menominee Iron Range - History of Its Mines - When and by Whom Discovered - Their Present Condition and Future Prospects:  Written and published by A.P. Swineford, editor of The Mining Journal, in Marquette, Michigan, in June, 1880, this 70-page paperbound booklet details the early establishment of mines on the Menominee Iron Range, including Waucedah, Vulcan, Norway, Quinnesec, Iron Mountain, and Commonwealth and Florence, Wisconsin.  Included is a 23-pagfe appendix of early Menominee Iron Range photographs from the 1880's with detailed captions and an 11-page appendix of the mines of the Eastern Menominee Iron Range.  - $7.00        See pdf file. "Pioneer Life on the Menominee Iron Range" by Mrs. Nelson Powell (Florence Terry) Hulst from The Wisconsin Magazine of History, Volume VII, 1923-1924, pages 406-416:  This article recounts early life in Vulcan and the Menominee Iron Range between December 1, 1878 and 1881.  The wife of Dr. Nelson P. Hulst, engineer and mining superintendent of the Menominee Mining Company from 1876 to 1881, was one of the early female inhabitants.  Florence, Wisconsin, was named in her honor by the mining company.  Included in the 14-page booklet are photographs of Dr. and Mrs. Hulst, a biographical sketch of Dr. Hulst and an article on Iron Mountain's Hulst High School, named in his honor. - $2.00        See pdf file. Papa and the Ferris Wheel: Written by Ardis (Jones) Blenko, youngest daughter of John Tyler Jones, "Papa" in the story, was one of the most amazing and innovative mining men of the nineteenth century on the Menominee Iron Range and beyond.  His Ardis Furnace, named for the author, began extracting iron from low grade ores.  The furnace ruins at a Michigan State Historic Site on Iron Mountain's North Side.  The 18-page booklet colorfully recounts the construction of the conservatory from the glass and steel girders of the original Ferris Wheel in about 1905 at the family home on Lake Antoine in which Ardis reminisces about family life and activities during the first decade of the twentieth century.  Photographs of the Ferris Wheel, John T. and Rachel Jones and their home, and information on George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the inventor, are also included. - $2.00 See pdf file. 1912 Horse and Buggy Ride from Felch to Iron Mountain:  Written by Walter Mattson in 1975, the author recounted his first trip to Iron Mountain by horse-and- buggy and train from his hometown, Felch, Michigan.  Walter, a youngster, and "Grandpa" began their memorable trip with a ride by horse and buggy from Felch to Randville, and then took the train from Randville to Iron Mountain.  Walter recorded his trip in detail, recounting who they met and what they saw from beginning to end, providing the reader with an amusing and informative account of life in Dickinson County in 1912.  The 26-page booklet is enhanced by seventeen historic photographs with detailed captions depicting the locations Walter mentioned in his description, as well as an account of the John P. Mattson family written by Walter's sister Gerda (Mattson) Clark which originally appeared in Felch Township 1878 to 1978, Felch Michigan Centennial Book. - $3.00 See pdf file. History of Iron Mountain: The Iron Mountain Women's Club was only two years old when three members wrote the first history of Iron Mountain, presented February 20, 1914.  The authors divided the city's history into segments as follows:  1878-1888 by Mrs. A.D. Stiles; 1888-1896 by Mrs. Isaac Unger; and 1898-1906 by Mrs. O.C. Davidson.  The 14-page booklet.  This 15-page booklet contains many interesting details about early life in Iron Mountain, Dickinson County's largest city and the county seat. - $2.00 See pdf file. Life and Residents of "The Midway" - 100 Block of East Hughitt Street and 100 to 300 Blocks of West Hughitt Street, Iron Mountain, Dickinson County, Michigan:  Alfred "Oscar" Flaminio, son of Angelo "Butch" and Jennie (Caretto) Flaminio, was raised at 124 West Hughitt Street, where his father ran a saloon.  The area between the  100 block of East Hughitt Street and the 100 to the 300 blocks of West Hughitt Street was among the most "colorful" and infamous areas of Iron Mountain during the last two decades of the nineteenth century and the first three decades of the twentieth century.  Known as "The Midway" during at least a portion of that time, the area contained a large number of saloons and also several houses of ill repute, and was a favorite place for lumberjacks coming in from a winter in the woods, as well as the site of some wild times during the Prohibition Era.  In the fall of 1987, Oscar wrote his recollections of life on The Midway, accurately recounting a wide variety of events and providing informative and amusing details about the various businessmen and women who lived and worked in this part of Iron Mountain.  An appendix  listing of the residents of The Midway area taken from city directories from 1902- 1903, 1907-1908, 1913, 1925 and 1935 is included in this 15-page booklet. - $2.00 See pdf file. Dickinson County Blanket-Throw or Afghan:  Three historic buildings - Dickinson County Court House, the Hulst School, the Dickinson Inn - are featured on this cotton throw, available exclusively at the Museum Gift Shop.  Colors are predominantly tan and black, and the throw provides a warm addition to any room, proclaiming your roots.  $50.00 (reduced to $40.00).
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